How it works

How it works for VISITORS

Simple like this!

     1. Find an experience that you like, in your place or the one you plan to visit
     2. Reserve it by selecting your preferred date on the calendar
     3. When the moment comes, go to the pick-up location and enjoy!


How do I reserve my experience?
You just have to select the date on the calendar, then select number of people that will attend.

Can I pay with my credit or debit card?
Yes, you can use your card. Also we offer you the possibility to use you PayPal account. All transactions are secured.

How it works for HOSTS

Do you know awesome and unique places to visit in your region?

Know of interesting traditions, festivals or local customs and wish to share them with the world?

  1. Create your unique experience
  2. Share with your friends and receive visitors
  3. Share you culture and your experience. And Enjoy!

How much will it cost for me, what do I have to pay?
It is 100% free. No fees, no costs, no membership. You just register, start bringing visitors and earn money. Simple. Regarding your listings, bear in mind that People and Places reserves 20% of your SOLD experience. Ex. you publish an experience for 100€ and finally you will be payed 80€ (-20%).

What price should I set?
You are free to set your own prices. Check out other experiences on the site and try to set a fair price. People and Places team is here to help you with recommendations and insights.

How much can I make?
It all depends on you, really. If your experience is appealing and you become popular, you can make some nice earnings.

What info should I include in the experience?
Everything you think should be included and the visitor should know.

When will my experience be published?
as soon as its reviewed by our team, your experience will be published.

Can I share my experience in Social Media?
Ofcourse! The more people know you and your experiences and activities, more earns you'll have.

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